Plenty Magazine’s recent article “Climate change is causing some vineyards to suffer while others thrive” included Resonance Vineyards very own Kevin Chambers. Resonance Vineyards has been Demeter-certified since 2006. The article mentions,

In Oregon, one of the newest wine regions, winemakers try to view climate change with a mix of caution and “giddy excitement,” says Kevin Chambers, owner of Resonance Vineyard, a biodynamic vineyard in the Willamette Valley. “Climate changes have improved our consistency, but we do need to think ahead. What should I plant now that will sustain warmer temperatures for the next 50 years?” Like Thompson, Chambers recognizes that global warming has contributed to his personal success even as it marginalizes wine quality in warmer areas.

Well, it looks like Kevin Chambers is looking on the bright side (pun intended) of climate change and will benefit from his cooler climate.

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