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The argument for Biodynamic® certification and standards will hopefully avoid the pitfalls of “organic” and “fair trade”. As it stands, Demeter is the only Biodynamic® certifying body. Australia’s Herald Sun points out the battle and confusion surrounding certifying eggs,

We have been lobbying for legally defined terms for the use of terms like free-range, organic and biodynamic for some time,” said Melina Tensen, an RSPCA Australia spokeswoman. “People buy free-range eggs in the assumption the hen has been treated in a certain manner.

This could be a big problem as Biodyamic agriculture grows. Thus, it’s important to check the label and see if the company is only “following” Biodynamic practices or are Demeter certified. There’s a big difference and you may be falling for “greenwashing“.

In any event, if you are looking for poultry, see Eden Valley for Australian Biodynamic eggs. They are Demeter certified.