Montirius Vineyards had a nice writeup in the article “Taste the difference of these beautiful wines” by Jane Hall of the Journal Newspaper of Newcastle.

For detractors, the proof always seems to be in the product.  The taste, scent, and quality of Biodynamic products is always better.  As Hall notes,

Try as I might, I can’t swallow the whole biodynamic way of thinking. I find the reasoning offered in all the biodynamic textbooks as to why cow horns or stags’ bladders should play any part in viticulture quite incredible; but I’m delighted to keep coming back to the stunning wine that the Saurels and others make. And I’ve seen how healthy their soils and vines are. It’s no illusion. Is it that their belief that they’re doing the right thing somehow carries them gloriously through? And surely a tiny dose of cow manure or silica can’t do any harm to the environment, whereas conventional chemicals can be horribly toxic. Whatever Eric and Christine have, it’s very special.

The article is also a wonderful “rootsy” depiction of the Montirius family, who seem to be great stewards to their grapes and the earth.  What a great read to start the weekend.