Ten years later, married, with two girls, and a decade’s experience of running a mixed smallholding, I signed up for an organic beekeeping course and, to my dismay, discovered on arrival that the venue was biodynamic.

My negative attitude was soon challenged however, on completing a tour of the farm. It was a working demonstration of the organic ideal, a holistically complex chain of plants and animals, where each link benefited the others.

The vegetable garden oozed fertility, beds bursting with immaculate greens. Interspersed amongst them cornflowers, marigolds and thyme buzzed with hoverflies and bees.

Over the fence, cattle cudded in contentment, the herbs in their pasture suiting them well. And lunch, home-produced, was exquisite; each mouthful tangibly nutritious, so packed with flavour and freshness, I could not fail to be impressed.

The above quote is from Patti O’Brien’s article in the Telegraph.  Try as one might to disagree with Biodynamic® growing, the proof is in the product.  Patti also discusses how Biodynamic products currently mimic organic skepticism of years ago.  I guess we have to be patient, but here’s hoping the acceleration of acceptance for Biodynamic wines and agriculture goes faster!

Note:  Daylesford Organic is positively mentioned in the article (hence the logo).