Seven Stars Yogurt was recently featured in the Philadelphia Weekly.  About Seven Stars, via their website,

Seven Stars Farm is a 350 acre certified Biodynamic dairy farm located in northern Chester County, PA. We use the milk from our Jersey and Jersey crossed herd to produce Seven Stars Organic Yogurt. Our yogurt is sold via natural foods distributors throughout the eastern United States.

New Farm also featured Seven Stars Farm in an April 2004 article.  It’s great to see the growing success of a small farm.

Finally, the Philadephia Weekly article provides interesting insight into the economics behind Biodynamic® agriculture,

Not only are the Griffiths proud of their product, they’re also proud of the small but noticeable impact it allows them to make. While dairy farming on a small scale is notoriously economically unviable, producing yogurt from the milk turns it into a higher-value commodity.

This allows the Griffiths to support 22 full- and part-time employees with a living wage. “I’m very happy about that,” says Edie. “We actually provide a living for quite a few people.”