Elephant Magazine is a hip, quarterly magazine with a stunning amount of content on their website.

Waylon Lewis of Elephant Magazine recently interviewed Paolo Bonetti, of the cool Organic Vinters, about “LOHAS: Why Organic & Biodynamic Wine Matters, with Organic Vintners.”  For those who do not know, LOHAS means “Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability”.

An interesting question that Lewis asks is (paraphrased), “People started using chemicals to get rid of pests, correct?”  Paolo hedges for a bit, before nailing the issue directly on Monsanto’s (the multinational agricultural company’s) back.

Around minute 4:30, Paolo discusses Biodynamic® wines, which he calls “Organic Plus” and “organic farming with a sustainable practice”.  What a terrific, holistic explanation from one of the great minds and advocates in the Biodynamic® world.