Crushpad is a San Francisco-based company that allows you to become a winemaker.  The customer is intimately involved in the winemaking process and they receive their own designed label and bottles at the conclusion of the customizable process.  The minimum order is 25 cases (1 barrel) and prices range between $5,700 – $10,900. Crushpad recently raised a $9 million round of financing to grow their operations.

Putting a slight Biodynamic twist on the Crushpad idea is Grand Cru Estates.  Grand Cru Estates takes the same model of Crushpad and allows you to make your own wine.  Sadly, their press release doesn’t indicate that they will allow you to make Biodynamic wines.  Fortunately, however, they will feature a “biodynamic kitchen” at their Oregon vineyard for members.  Memberships start at “an initial membership fee of $5,000 for the first 30 founding members, along with a $20,000 fee for each member barrel.”