The New York Times included the Community Supported Garden at Genesis Farm in a writeup on New Jersey Farm Shares.  The

The Times stated,

The Community Supported Garden at Genesis Farm, 41B Silver Lake Road; (908) 362-7486; Some of the nearly 300 members of this C.S.A., which began in 1988, help with the work on the 51-acre biodynamic farm; all members share in what’s grown. Year-round (50 weeks; $1,707 for a full share) and summer shares (May 20 to Nov. 25; full shares $1,179), and half-shares, with pickups every other week, are available. Pickup is at the farm or at sites in Teaneck, Morristown, Montclair, Caldwell, Glen Rock and Madison.

The farm’s website, commenting on their Biodynamic farming practices, states,

The gardeners use biodynamic practices based on the spiritual insights of the Austrian scientist-philosopher Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) Biodynamics treats the soil as a living organism. It strives to build the soil and correct imbalances through the use of dynamic preparations prescribed by Steiner. They are used directly on the soil, on maturing plants, in the treatment of fungal diseases and insect infestations and in the making of compost. Sound organic practices are also employed using diverse cover crops, calculated crop rotations and careful tillage. Chemical pesticides are not used and we rarely need to implement organic pest control. The care and attention the gardeners bring to their work stimulate the health and energy of the community’s food.

With 300 members, the farm is strongly supported.  Hopefully, many others on the NY Time’s list will begin to adopt similar practices.