Slow Food Nation is coming up!  From August 29 – September 1, in San Francisco, thousands of people will come and celebrate the philosophy behind Slow Food USA.  All types of food that is local, fair, clean, and strengthens the economy will be available.  Of course, given that Biodynamic® food and wine are the “cleanest” available, it is terrific to see that on Sunday there will be a session titled “Biodynamics and Wine”.

From the official site,

Wines produced from biodynamically-grown grapes, farmed by gentle methods good for the earth, are a true expression of place. Four wineries will describe their disciplined biodynamic practices and ongoing, intuitive awareness while they present wines for tasting from their certified Biodynamic® properties: Paul Dolan Vineyards, Ceago Vinegarden, Grgich Hills Estate, among others. This workshop holds 45 people.

For the cost of $20, this is sure to be a very popular event with terrific information sharing and delicious tastings.  Buy tickets here.