In the article “Wine with a Small Carbon Footprint” in yesterday’s Mecury News, discusses the slow food movement with buying local wines. The matching of ideas is terrific. As Laurie Daniel states,

I love a lot of imported wines, but when I think about their carbon footprint, it sometimes gives me pause. It takes a lot of energy to transport wine from abroad, whether it’s a $10 Australian shiraz, a $15 Chilean cabernet or a $100 red Burgundy. There are ways to reduce the carbon footprint — container ships are better than airplanes — but those imports still are traveling a long way.

She points out that, local to her, Bonny Doon (the quasi-press vacuum for Biodynamic® wines) “makes a terrific albarino under its Ca’ del Solo label; the 2007 ($20), which is certified biodynamic, is fresh, crisp and floral, with white nectarine and citrus flavors.” Hopefully, the press begins to link local purchases with Biodynamic® purchases to completely minimize a consumer’s carbon footprint.