The Peoria Journal Star caught up with Carol Mosley Braun recently.  As you’ll recall, Mosley Braun was a full-time, high-flying politico over the last 20 years, ranging from a stint as Ambassador to New Zealand and a United States Senator.

Now, she runs Ambassador Organics, which is a Demeter certified company where they “search worldwide for farmers growing the highest quality Biodynamic® and organic foods for a healthier, more robust, and sustainable world for generations to come.”

According to the PJ Star,

Moseley Braun’s issue is biodynamic farming, a sustainable farming technique that stresses the union between food, body, spirit and farming.

Biodynamic farming is sometimes called authentic organic farming. “Everything on the farm is treated as one unit,” she explains, “with particular attention paid to the quality of the soil and the quality of the water. The idea is the whole farm is a complete organism.”

Products the company currently sells are grown on biodynamic farms in Sri Lanka, India and Mexico. Moseley Braun wants to see biodynamic farming expand in the United States and see more locally produced biodynamic products on the market. She knows that’s going to take education and a change in attitude, from the ground up to more government support for sustainable agriculture.

With Ambassador Braun’s connections and intellect, Ambassador Organics is poised to break out to mainstream shelves as she is our first official rock star on the Biodynamic® stage.