The Demeter Biodynamic® Trade Association just launched a new site that is gorgeous, helpful, and very noteworthy.  It’s imperative to look for Demeter Certified Biodynamic® certification marks when purchasing products that are crediting themselves with Biodynamic® practices.

One of our biggest hopes here at the Biodynamic Telegraph is to not only educated our readers (which are growing in number everyday), but to also hold the industry accountable so that we don’t encounter the greenwashing that occurs with organic items.  This is imperative not only for educating the consumer, but also to keep integrity in the marketplace.

We here at Biodynamic Telegraph will do our best to highlight certified and non-certified products, but it is most important for you, the reader and consumer, to always look for the above label.  It will guide the future of our passion in Biodynamic® products and encourage commercial enterprises to rigorously follow the high-standards that Demeter maintains.