A new wine has hit the shelves from Western Australia.  One half of the team, “biodynamic ambassador” Pascal Marchand, has teamed up with Jeff Burch of Howard Park Wines to develop three varieties of wine, including a Chardonnay, Shiraz, and Pinot Noir under the label Marchand & Burch.

From their press release,

Incorporating biodynamic principles at every stage from the vineyard through to bottling, Jeff and Pascal have taken every step to craft a range of wines that best express the terroir from which the grapes have come.

Pascal started following biodynamics in 1988 during his time as regisseur at De La Vougeraie.

“You have to observe a lot. That is the main thing about biodynamics. It brings you closer to the forces of nature and helps you work with nature better, while not controlling or working against it.” says Pascal.

Through this inspiring project, Jeff has become a firm believer of adopting biodynamic practices in winemaking, which will see his Howard Park range of wines following suit in years to come.

“Once it’s gripped you (biodynamics), it’s an all encompassing passion. The science behind biodynamic practices is good common sense for the land and the quality of the wine…and through these practices we are starting to see some amazing results in our wines.” says Jeff.

From our reading and talking to our wine-loving friends, this has been a highly anticipated partnership by two experienced vintners.  According to Red White and Green, the company will have a “biodynamic practice in some vineyards, not certified.”  Keep an eye out for these new bottles!