Woot.com is an amazing internet success story.  Out of Texas, the site features one product per day with a limited number of that item in stock.  Woot has created a rabid fanbase who frequently buy out the entire lot by 9am.  Cultivating this fanbase is Woot’s own witty prose about the product.  The site’s meteoric rise has also brought it to raise $4m from Amazon (no word on valuation) in additional capital to fuel growth and operations.

In branching off to other product verticals, Woot started wine.woot.com (one wine a week) and shirt.woot.com (one t-shirt a day).  This week, wine.woot.com features a Benziger Family Winery Red Trio for $59.99 (plus $7 shipping).  In the trio, you receive a 2005 Merlot Feingold Vineyard Sonoma Mountain, 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon Stone Farm Vineyard Sonoma Valley, and a 2004 Winemaker’s Claret Sonoma.

Despite the perceived lower quality of selling wine on Woot, this seems to be an effective supply channel for reaching a voracious audience in an efficient manner.  The Benziger family is a powerhouse in the Biodynamic® world and any trend they follow is probably a smart one.