Common Ground Magazine recently gave good press to two fine Biodynamic® wineries — Bonterra (not Demeter certified) and Cooper Vineyards in their article “Raise Your Glass to a Summer of Sustainable Sipping”.

Here’s what Common Ground has to say about the two wineries,

On 1,000 acres of organic vineyards grazed by livestock and pest-controlled by native insects, Bonterra, near Ukiah, CA, goes beyond organic, adhering to biodynamic and Fish Friendly Farming practices. Don’t miss the Syrah, a successful blend of cherry, bacon and mint flavors, and the round, woody Chardonnay, with scents of stone fruits and mushroom.

Copper Mountain’s 123-acre estate is certified organic, biodynamic and Salmon Safe. It’s also one of 25 Oregon wineries to voluntarily join a recent carbon emissions elimination program. Several grapes grow here, but the signature is the buttery Pinot Noir, an Oregon classic.

Update:  Please see the comments for a revision on Bonterra’s certification.  Our apologies to all involved.